Our priority is to achieve optimum results. Please contact us for a specific service, arrangements will be tailored to individual requirements.

Interior Valet from £50 (4×4 & Vans from £60)

We deep steam clean and sanitise your car interior with precision and attention to detail, including:
Air vents, dashboard, glass & mirrors, boot compartment, and hoovering the whole interior.

Seats Deep Steam Cleaning Fabric from £50 (Leather Seats from £60)

No chemicals use to deep steam clean seats and the outcome is astonishing, regardless of the condition of the seats.           Leather seats including fed, conditioning and protection.

Sanitise & Deodorise Service £30

Eliminates all foul odours and destroys over 50 germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi in its path leaving a luxurious scent, laboratory tested and approved.

Interior Deluxe Service from £120      

Specialist deep steam cleaning, restoring your car interior back to excellence including:
air vents, dashboard, glass & mirrors, boot compartment, hoover, roof lining, mats steam clean, fabric seats steam clean, leather seats steam clean, restores, fed & protected and completed with deodorise and sanitise the whole interior.

Soft-top Restoration & Protection £60

Restore and protect all convertible soft-top fabric back to excellence.

Headlights Restoration £25 (Per Headlight)

Restore dull and unattractive headlights back to new, using our 4 steps process to ensure high-quality standards is achieved. We offer 18 months warranty.

Minor Scratch Repair £20 (Per Panel)

Removes minor scratches (which you can not get your nails into) using an innovative method to correct paintwork back to new.

We also remove bird etching and restore paintwork colour.

Ceramic Coating Paint Protection from £250

Our professionally trained staff will ceramic protect your new car, respray car or just a TLC for your paintwork. Ensuring a superior transparent glass coat film over the entire paintwork, guarantees up to 24 months coating with extreme strength resistance and water-repellent.

Paint Protection Wax £20 

Our partnership with, NITE LITE LUXURIOUS WAX is design to protect all types of paintwork and very easy to use, offering up to 8 months paint protection. (contact us to order)

Engine Steam Clean from £120

Effective and advance DRY STEAM cleaning engine bay process, which is safe and caring for all types of engine. Our clients for this service varies from high luxury, premium and everyday cars. Engine will be valeted to an exceptional standard.


We sell GIFT VOUCHERS in £20 denomination